Allan Rennie got in touch with us after seeing the picture of the Martin V8 engine in our “History” section.  Allan has recreated the Lotus Martin F1 car based on a Lotus 35.  The car enjoyed a brief competition career – and was driven by Roy Pike and Piers Courage until it was destroyed by Piers in a testing incident at Snetterton.  It led a parallel life to the two J.A. Pearce Pearce-Martin V8 cars which were developed for the 1967 Formula 1 season.

Allan told us that after he started the recreation project in 2003, he contacted Ted Martin with a view to finding an original engine or parts.  Ted was initially sceptical, but eventually became great friends with Allan who later bought up all the available castings, tooling and parts that Ted had accumulated as well as a lot of original correspondence and technical notes.

Sadly, Ted died in 2010, but his legacy will live on in the Lotus 35 which Allan took to Ted’s funeral.

Allan has also communicated with Charles Lucas who originally financed the Lotus-Martin project.

Allan maintains a website dedicated to the history and rebirth of the car.  He kindly sent this photograph of the car at Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in July 2011.

Interestingly, he also sent this copy of a J.A. Pearce Engineering advertisement from Autosport magazine dated 8th March 1968.  The advertisement lists (amongst many other cars, engines etc.)….. “F1 Lotus 35, Ex-Charles Lucas. Extensively modified. Fitted with 3-Litre Martin engine and Hewland 5 gearbox. Write for details……….£3475”

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